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guide to avocado plant


At Studio About we love to make things grow, and we always have a lot of "growing projects" going on in various windowsills and of course often in vases from Studio About . It's both fun, but it's also a good way to have a decorative and cozy home. In addition, you always have a perfect hostess gift for your friend or your mother-in-law.

This time we have therefore created a small, easy guide on how you can use an avocado stone to create your very own avocado plant, which can decorate your home. All you need is: An avocado stone, 3 toothpicks, a vase and some water.


STEP 1 : It is a good idea to buy a ripe avocado where the stone can be easily removed. If the avocado is not ripe, the stone breaks easily when cut. Eat the avocado and cut out the stone and wash it.

STEP 2 : Then insert 3 toothpicks into the stone so that it can balance on a vase.

STEP 3: Fill the vase with water so that the stone is covered approx. 2 cm. Then place it in, for example, the windowsill, where there is plenty of sunlight. After 2-6 weeks it should take root. When the root network has grown strongly about 12 cm, it must be transplanted into a pot filled with good potting soil that is full of nutrients.

STEP 4: Water the plant regularly, but always be careful not to overwater it. The plant really needs to be warm and in the sun, so your new avo plant friend will be happy.

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