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Do you want to make a little extra out of the summer party or are you in the process of planning a beautiful wedding party, confirmation or baptism? Here you will get some inspiration to create a nice flower wall for your party yourself.

After a very special year, we are ready to resume festive and pleasant moments with family and friends and if you, like us, want to make a little extra out of your special occasion, then a backdrop of handmade paper flowers is a really beautiful and festive feature .

How to make a flower wall

Have you moved the party out of the house? And would you like to give a somewhat impersonal room a festive boost? A backdrop of flowers is both an easy and nice idea to create atmosphere and give your party decorations a little wow factor.

Here we have used our beautiful handmade paper flowers to create a delicious flower wall. The flowers can be put up directly on the wall with either paper tape or elephant's snout. Set up the flowers with little spacing and create a defined area so that you get the greatest possible effect from your flower wall.
The flowers can also be set up in the shape of a heart, a letter or something else that can help make your party decoration extra personal.

Flower wall guide

The flower wall as a photo background or backdrop for the gift table and cake table

A flower wall is obvious for spring and summer parties, and regardless of whether you are planning an informal wedding party, a confirmation for the whole family or a christening just for the closest, it is fun to make something out of the party decorations and give the guests a good experience.

The flower wall can be used to define different areas for your party - it can spice up the gift table a bit, provide a beautiful and inviting background for the cake table or be used as a background for a small photo booth, where the guests themselves can capture good and fun memories from the day.

This is how you can also use paper flowers for your party

Paper flowers are brilliant for the slightly larger party where you have to prepare the day before. And the paper flowers offer so many possibilities for beautiful and inviting party decorations. Here are 5 easy ideas for using paper flowers for your party.

1. Huge flower wreath

Use a hula hoop and make a giant wreath for the wall. Use eucalyptus, ivy or other greenery that can tolerate being without water and mix with the beautiful paper flowers.

2. Flower cloud

Create a voluminous and impressive cloud of flowers over the tables - it can be the cake table, the gift table or the guests' tables.

3. Hanging paper flowers

Make a simple and nice decoration by hanging the paper flowers from a branch. In this way, the guests can look up at the beautiful flower heads, and you get to use the space in a nice and festive way.

4. Paper flowers as napkin rings

Use the paper flowers as napkin rings and welcome guests with an inviting plate.

5. Flower decorations

Create beautiful centerpieces with paper flowers. The paper flowers can easily be mixed with some greenery or dried flowers, and if you make sure to protect the stem from water, they can also be combined with fresh flowers.

In addition to getting a beautiful decoration for your party, the big bonus is that you can reuse the paper flowers in your decoration as a reminder of a good party. For example, use the paper flowers as decoration on the wall in the stairwell or simply in a beautiful large bouquet in your favorite vase.


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