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We are extremely proud to be able to present our new design Paper Flower. The artist Kristina Sørensen is behind the design of our beautiful paper flowers. On a daily basis, Kristina runs the blog Labdecor, and she is behind the Instagram profile of the same name @labdecor.

Not only are we huge admirers of Kristina's styling and creativity, she was also the first blogger to agree to collaborate with Studio About back in 2015 with our first collection of vases.



Kristina lives in Mørke, from where she works with design, DIYs, styling and everything in between. Her style is an organic explosion of color and warmth, and her visual expression exudes personality. So when we saw that Kristina had thrown herself into designing the beautiful paper flowers, we saw an opportunity to work with her once more. The starting point for the collaboration has been the numerous opportunities the flowers provide to style our products in an alternative way.

Kristina's voluminous and material style is a perfect match for Studio About's clean and minimalist products. The simple vases are an effective contrast to the rich abstract flowers and regardless of whether you put a single flower in a Flower Tube or collect a fresh bouquet in a Bubble Tube vase, vases and flowers compliment each other stylishly. In addition to an endless range of possible styles, the paper flowers tap into the sustainable world we would like to contribute to. We love the idea that the elegant imitation of reality that Kristina has hit upon can be used over and over again, thus not leaving a waste product in the form of wilting bouquets and flowers.


The development of the paper flowers for Studio About has been a living and analog process. We have been presented with numerous plates with flowers, colors and types of paper. She's a geek and we love it. A paper flower is created on the basis of thorough research, testing of shape and colors and many hours at the work table, bent over templates and prototypes. At home in Mørke, Kristina herself sits and cuts, folds and collects each individual flower. In the collaboration with us, she has been responsible for the actual design, and from there we have taken over the process and sent the production abroad.


We hope that Kristina's creative geekiness can inspire you to play with the expression in the vases at home. We imagine that the paper flowers can be used in a large collective bouquet, individually or as an elegant pair. In addition, they can be styled with the very big trend – dried flowers or create a spectacular look as part of a freshly picked bouquet from the garden. Challenge the form! Use the flowers in a wreath, as a sweet accessory in your hair, as a discreet detail between the napkins in a table setting or something completely different. The possibilities are endless.

bouquet dried

We are proud to present Kristina's paper flowers in our range of products, and we look forward to seeing the flowers in your own creative styles.

We have launched two collections of Paper Flowers and a third collection is on the way. See all the flowers here .

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