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It is October and it is autumn; the morning wind becomes fresher and the landscape slowly transforms into an orange-glowing, crackling carpet. When the days get darker, there is nothing more beautiful than going to the cave and immersing yourself in nice things. Come along to Studio About and get inspiration for how you can create a cozy autumn evening with the ultimate autumn treat.


Living lights give both warmth and life to the dark evenings. Our Oil Bubbles are perfect for creating an evocative atmosphere; you can use a single one to create a soft light or put several in a cluster so that the many lights and colors keep out the black darkness. We have used our Oil Bubbles in the color combinations amber/rose, smoke/smoke and rose/green. The smoke-colored and amber-colored bubble has the most beautiful autumn colors to create atmosphere, and the pink Oil Bubble gives a light and brightening expression. They can be used indoors, but are also suitable for taking outside on the balcony or terrace. Oil Bubbles are a good alternative to candles, as they release fewer particles and soot, thereby creating a better indoor climate. They can be filled with lamp oil again and again, so you can always create coziness without consuming a lot of candles.

tableware oil bubbles



To drive away the cold, it is delicious to warm yourself with a hot drink. Hot elderberry juice tastes great and is full of C vitamins, which are good for the immune system. Right now the elderberries are ripe and look like small, black pearls against the dark green leaves. The holly is a delightfully generous plant; we made elderflower juice when the elderflowers bloomed, which you can find the recipe for here and save for next summer, and now there are elderberries to pick for elderberry juice – they are in season from mid-September to October. It also provides a good opportunity for a walk in the fresh air. Find them at forest edges away from busy roads.


Elderberry juice can be enjoyed cold, but is a lovely autumn classic when heated. You can optionally make elderberry juice with apples, cinnamon, cloves or thyme to give it a spicy depth.

Elderberries must not be eaten raw, as they contain toxins that can cause dizziness and stomach problems. It is therefore important to heat the berries so that the toxins disappear. After the heat treatment, they are safe to eat and perfect for elderberry juice, elderberry syrup or elderberry soup.

Here you will find our recipe for 2 liters of homemade elderberry juice


1.5 kg elderberries

3 sour apples

400-500 g of sugar

1 liter of water

The juice from a lemon

Optional flavourings, such as fresh thyme, cloves or cinnamon

Rinse the elderberry screens and cut off the green stems.

Put elderberries, apple slices, water and any flavorings in a saucepan and bring to a slow boil. Then cook for 25-30 minutes.

Place a sieve with a clean cloth over a large bowl and pour the cooked elderberry pulp into the sieve.

Now add sugar and lemon juice to the pure juice and give it a boil.

Pour the dark red juice into clean, scalded bottles and refrigerate.

The juice can be kept for a few weeks in the fridge or frozen for longer shelf life.


Enjoy your warming elderberry juice in your favorite mug; when you have spent time and energy in the kitchen, it is an extra good reward to be able to enjoy it in a delicious and luxurious mug. We have used our ceramic mugs from our new TABLEWARE collection. The mug comes in several different colors, so you can choose the color that best suits the mood of the evening. Here we have chosen a mug in raw terracotta with a dove blue glazed interior; the raw clay gives a cozy and natural feeling. We have also poured elderberry juice into our new wine glasses in the color rose from the same collection. The glass is made of borosilicate glass, and can therefore easily hold the hot elderberry juice.


Snacks only help to make the evening more pleasant. We have placed fresh pears from the garden on our red terracotta plate to create a relaxed and homely atmosphere. It gives an extra nice feeling when you can enjoy Danish, home-picked fruits in season. It is both good for the body and the environment, so you avoid imported fruit. The green color of the pear provides a nice contrast to the strong, red ceramic plate, but you can also use other autumn snacks such as nuts, apple crisps or homemade cookies.


Flowers are not just for summer. Use them to give life and freshness to the dark evenings. Buy or pick seasonal flowers or cut a few branches to create a wild bouquet. We have put a small sprig of elderberries in our Standing Bubble vase in the color amber and dahlias in a deep dark red color in our Flower Tube glass vase, also in amber. The dark red colors and amber vases give a pleasant glow and warmth. We have also placed the most beautiful Japanese lantern flower on our large ceramic plate with a raw terracotta exterior and a dove blue glazed interior. The flower is so beautiful and decorative with its inflated paper lantern-like seed pods in the bright orange color, and can't help but lift your spirits when you look at it. You can also use our paper flowers, which are also ideal for creating atmosphere, and they can be used again and again for your other cozy evenings.

To complete the coziness, there must of course be plenty of knitted sweaters, blankets, pillows and good company. Good evening!

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