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guide to paper flowers

It is hard not to be captivated by the beautiful paper flowers, which can be made in many different versions in either tissue paper or crepe paper. Here we give you the guide to paper flowers made of crepe paper. You decide for yourself whether you want to make the paper flowers as true to life as possible or whether you want to make them according to free imagination and possibly decorate with glitter etc.

The paper flowers are like small works of art - they can be used individually in a vase or together with a dried bouquet, where they are both decorative and give a personal expression.

Below you will find the guide to an easy paper flower - the beautiful peony.


This basic paper flower is very easy to make. It is made up of a stem, a flower bud and leaves. The flower is finished with floral ribbon so that the steel wire stem looks natural. Below you will get a detailed guide so you can make your very own paper flowers.


⦁ Crepe paper - you need 3 colors for this peony

⦁ Floral wire or very strong steel wire

⦁ Scissors

⦁ Glue stick

⦁ Glue gun

⦁ Flower ribbon


The flower bud for this peony consists of crepe paper in 3 layers with cut fringes. The crepe paper is wrapped around the stem and forms a beautiful center for the flower.

Guide to paper flowers

⦁ First cut 3 pieces of crepe paper in the size 4 x 15 cm. You need 2 x green + 1 x black.

⦁ Glue the 3 pieces of paper together with a glue stick - the black one must be in the middle and the pieces must be placed just above each other.

⦁ Cut fringes close ¾ part down - the fringes must be cut as close as possible

⦁ Put glue on the flower wire/steel wire. You decide yourself how long your flower stem should be.

⦁ Twist the crepe paper with fringes around the thread - use plenty of glue along the way so you have a solid construction.


It will take approx. 16 leaves for this paper flower. To speed up the process, you can fold the paper and cut the leaves freehand at the same time. You can of course also make a template and cut out the leaves individually.

Guide to paper flowers
⦁ Fold the crepe paper so you have 8 layers.

⦁ Use your thumb to make a curve down the top of the paper. This rounding gives shape to your leaves. You can also choose to shape each leaf instead.

⦁ Cut the leaves freehand - they should be approx. 6 x 8 cm

⦁ Cut the leaves into a heart shape

⦁ Fold each leaf about 3 times lengthwise

⦁ Carefully twist each leaf - when you twist the leaf it gets a more natural expression

⦁ Open and unfold the leaf - the leaves do not have to be 100% the same, it gives a more personal and natural look if they have a slightly different shape.

⦁ You must have approx. 16 leaves in total.


The leaves must now be glued onto the stem and flower bud. Here it is important that the leaves cover the flower bud and that you can make a nice transition between leaves and stem.

Guide to paper flowers

⦁ Use a glue gun to glue the leaves. Make sure the leaf goes about ½ cm below the flower bud.

⦁ Distribute the leaves around the bud - the leaves must always be staggered so that the paper flower has a good balance

⦁ Always make sure to press the bottom together so that the lower part of the flower is as collected/small as possible

⦁ Leaves must be staggered down towards the stem, so that the first leaves are highest on the flower


The paper flower is now almost finished, it just needs to be finished with flower ribbon. For many, this is the part that teases the most, because it can be a bit difficult to work with the floral ribbon. Floral tape sticks really badly to the crepe pair, but not to itself. A good tip is to rub the tape a little in your hands to make it stick.

Guide to paper flowers in crepe paper

⦁ Cut a good piece of ribbon

⦁ Fasten the tape so that it covers 3-5 mm of the lower flower petals / assembly.

⦁ Wrap the tape around the stem and spread it down the stem until it is covered.

⦁ ATTENTION. You cannot glue the flower ribbon on - it will come off over time. The flower tape, on the other hand, can be heated/reset and will then stick again - even if the flower has been in a vase for some time.

⦁ Then the flower is finished. Remember that you can easily adjust the length of the stem by simply folding the thread instead of cutting.

The guide here was made in collaboration with the talented Kristina from . Kristina has also created a collection of flowers for Studio About, which are used for display in our vases at some of our dealers. Kristina makes the most beautiful flowers and we can only recommend following her beautiful universe.


We have now launched our beautiful collection PAPER FLOWERS designed by paper artist Kristina Sørensen from the blog Labdecor. The paper flowers are available in 8 variants and many different colours. Buy the flowers here .


Only the imagination sets limits on how the beautiful paper flowers can be used in the interior and depending on which flowers and colors you use for your paper flowers, you can create very different expressions.

Below you will find 5 tips for using paper flowers in the interior. Also remember that the good thing about paper flowers is that you can easily reuse them throughout the year in different ways.

  1. Make a bouquet of paper flowers in different colors and use it in a beautiful vase on an equal footing with a bouquet of fresh flowers
  2. Use the paper flower as an eye-catcher in a dried bouquet with different flowers
  3. Use a single paper flower or two in a small wreath for the wall - preferably together with some dried flowers
  4. Make an XL paper flower and use it as a piece of art on the wall, possibly in connection with your picture wall
  5. Use paper flowers in the table setting and put a small paper flower together with the napkin. If you can manage it, it can be a small gift for your guests.

Decorated with paper flowers


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