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Late summer and autumn offer a lot of beauty for the vases. In the past few years, one flower in particular has made an impression on the Danish gardeners. These are dahlias, also called dahlias.

Dahlias are one of the most enchanting and spectacular plants that appear in the Danish late summer, and their transformation from a sad brown potato-like tuber to the queen of the garden is impressive.


The little tuber, which does not look like much, requires a little time. It is planted in April/May, and will form its green growth over the early summer. When the summer holidays come to an end in August/September, they will beautiful flower heads begin to peek out. The dahlias are generous and have a long flowering, and you can therefore enjoy them right up to the end of October and the beginning of November, depending on the weather.



The plant comes in countless varieties, shapes and colors - there are several thousand varieties, and new ones are added every year. Dahlias range widely both in color and shape. They can be elegant and slender, but also voluminous and compact. If you want flowers in the garden that are suitable for bouquets, dahlias are therefore a very good choice.


Here is our latest design Bubble Tube in the color rose , styled with pastel colored dahlias in yellow, pink, purple and white that compliment the vase and give a light expression. Next to the large vase stands a Flower Bubble , standing low in the color rose with a single light purple dahlia.

Bubbletube-rose-studioabout article

Standing Bubble low in the color rose and Bubble Tube in rose/rose. Photographer and stylist from the Netherlands @stoopmarloes

Dahlias can usually be bought as fully developed plants, and they arrive in the shops when we approach the month of May and the risk of night frost is over. Dahlias cannot stand the frost. Another thing dahlias are not happy about is heavy rain. If you have them standing in pots, move the pots to shelter from the rain. In the beds, they will probably manage.

You can also choose to style your Flower Tube with a dahlia in matching colors as in the picture below.


Image of Flower Tubes. From left Amber, White, rose, Smoke and Transparent.

Although the different varieties of dahlias are very different, they still match each other in the finest way. You can mix all your favorites in a bouquet and still get a balanced expression. With dahlias you can be daring and create a beautiful sumptuous bouquet that will adorn any home.



There are different ways to propagate dahlias. You can take seeds, make cuttings or propagate by dividing the tuber. Here we will talk briefly about dividing the tuber, as it is the method that requires the least work.

Down in the ground, Dahlias form tubers and they multiply in one season. When autumn comes and the first frost takes hold, the dahlias shrivel up and become limp. Now is the time to get out with the shovel and dig them up. Be careful when digging,  since one tuber can easily have developed many new tubers, which can then turn into more beautiful flowers next year.


  Plant your dahlia as a tuber or adult plant in the spring.

  Enjoy the beautiful flowers in late summer and well into October.

  Dig up the tubers

  Cut the stem down to 5/10 cm

  Brush the worst soil off the tubers

  Cut off the roots

  Store them dry and frost-free

  Split the tubers apart, using a sharp knife

  Put the tuber in the ground, 5 cm deep, end of April, beginning of May

Water and fertilize gently until you see the green sprouts coming up.


When you divide a tuber into several parts, it is important that there is some left from the old plant. That is If the excavated large clump of tubers has 3 stems, the large clump can be divided into 3 smaller parts.

Dahlias can be planted in a bed or in a pot and should be placed in full sun. If you have it standing on the balcony, it likes a large pot best so that the roots have plenty of space. Dahlias must not dry out too much, and it is important to water the soil and not pour water all over the plant. Fertilize gently at the start of growth, but stop fertilizing when the plant is well underway, as this will otherwise lead to fewer flowers. Dahlias are incredibly suitable as cut flowers for bouquets, or alone in a vase, for example in a Standing Bubble or Flower tube from Studio About.


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