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Do you lack inspiration for this year's Advent wreath? We have played with flowers, green goodies and our beautiful glass oil candles, and here you get our take on the Advent wreath in 2020!

The Advent wreath is a bit of a funny size, and we probably all remember the green spruce version from our childhood - decorated with silk ribbons and cone-shaped lights. Much has (fortunately) happened since then, and there has been room for much more creativity and variety in the traditional wreath. And although we may get a little nostalgic when we meet the classic spruce wreath, we are also quite fond of experimenting with different expressions and materials.


GET CONTROL OF THE BASE Do you already have an Advent stand? Should the Advent wreath hang or stand? How should the lights be fixed? Get a handle on the base, because then you have a good starting point to work on with the creative (and fun) stuff.

CHOOSE A THEME. Creative freedom is good, but often it actually becomes easier to be creative when you have a theme. It also makes preparations and any purchases much easier. The theme can be based on a colour, a style or a finished Advent wreath that you have been inspired by.

CHOOSE ADVENT LIGHTS. Today, there are countless options for light - should it be the classic white, a mix of colored or twisted lights, artificial LED lights or glass oil lights? Light plays a big visual role in your Advent wreath, so choose lights that make you happy.

A LONG-LASTING DECORATION. The Advent wreath should ideally be able to stand reasonably sharp all four Advent Sundays, so consider which decoration is best suited. If you want fresh flowers, it might be possible to change them along the way. If it is to maintain its beautiful look throughout the month, paper flowers or dried flowers can be the way forward.


Natural, colorful or minimalist? Here you will get some ideas for how the Advent wreath in 2020 can be knitted together. In both decorations, we have used Icelandic moss, which is crunchy when you buy it. Therefore, it should be put in water for 5 minutes before use - then it will be soft and delicious to work with. Also cut off the lower dark root part, because there is a lot of dirt in it.


Nature is an eternal source of inspiration and with a base of succulents and moss you have a beautiful, simple and long-lasting Advent wreath. If you want to spice it up a bit, you can easily decorate with small mushrooms, flowers etc. If you make the decoration in a flat bowl, you can also water the decoration a little along the way.


advent wreath natural

advent wreath nature 2020


It's hard not to swoon over the flower decorators' wild Advent creations, which really push the boundaries of what an Advent wreath should look like. At Studio About, we love both colour, volume and unconventional materials.

Here we have made an Advent wreath with our yellow oil candles made of glass, which play deliciously together with the small dried yellow flowers in the Advent wreath. The theme of the wreath is a play of colors with shades of burgundy, purple and yellow, which stage the beautiful glass candles in the most beautiful way. The glass lights look beautiful in the decoration, and cast beautiful reflections here in the winter sun.


advent wreath 2020 colorful

colorful advent wreath 2020


Did the arrival of December leave you behind? And didn't you just manage to get an Advent wreath made? Ambitions for Christmas decorations, home baking and early Christmas gift shopping can often be high, but don't despair! Advent can easily be marked by simply lighting a candle in your favorite candlestick.

If you have a candle holder for four candles or a modular candle holder, it is both an easy and a nice solution to use it as an Advent candle holder. You can possibly decorate with some simple decorations in the form of a eucalyptus branch or some dried flowers. Or go all in on beautiful lights and drop the decoration altogether.

Here we have used our new modular LINK candlestick together with the beautiful oil candles made of glass , where there is no danger of the candles burning down and setting fire to the entire pier!

At Studio About, the waters are divided - some choose the simple advent wreath, others the extravagant one, so everything is just as it should be. With plenty of room for all our personalities - both in the interior design and in the Advent wreath!

modular advent stage gold

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