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Christmas is the holiday when feasting, gifts and festive occasions are at their peak. Our festive occasion is the launch of our new Tableware collection, and therefore we celebrate this with a lively and Christmas cake table.


The tableware collection consists of a universe of colored wine and water glasses and a ceramic frame in four different color combinations. The set consists of large and small ceramic plates, ceramic cups and ceramic bowls. All parts in the collection come in a set of two pieces and are therefore perfect to give as a Christmas present or hostess gift for the Christmas lunch. The colored wine and water glasses give a feminine and festive look, whereas the ceramics give a cozy and raw look. The combination of glass and ceramics is therefore perfect for creating a vibrant and brightly colored table, which creates a festive and inviting atmosphere.


The cake table encapsulates the festive and Christmas atmosphere, but with a modern and creative touch. The menu consists of an impressive mousse cake and beautiful dessert dishes. In addition, we have poured delicious cocktails with pomegranate and orange into our wine glasses with a recipe from Julie Bruun.

The mousse cake consists of a juicy, toasted nut base with clementine peel, a velvety and tangy clementine anache and a creamy vanilla mousse. The outside of the cake is sprayed with white chocolate and decorated with green edible moss, pomegranate seeds and chocolate branches. It creates the image of a white, snowy winter landscape. The cake has both a classic and stylish Christmas look without it being too traditional and old-fashioned, and the flavor combinations of the mousse cake with clementines, vanilla and roasted nuts bring the flavors of Christmas together in one mouthful. For this mousse cake, we have used our large ceramic plate in the color red, which is beautiful against the white and green exterior of the cake.

The dessert options consist of a berry mousse cast in a silicone mold, brownie crumble, halved fresh blackberries and chocolate flakes sprinkled with gold dust and dried flowers. The dessert dishes create a festive and impressive look, and are therefore perfect as the finishing touch to a fine dinner party during Christmas. It is a dessert dish with many wintry flavors and textures, but they can also easily be used as a New Year's dessert to bring in the new year in a joyful and sumptuous way. For the dessert arrangement, we have used our small ceramic plates.

We have filled our ceramic bowls with fresh clementines and brownies to create even more Christmas atmosphere.


You can cover your Christmas table with just the cakes, desserts and snacks you want. At Christmas, it is a Christmas tradition for many families, for example, to make confectionery together. It's a nice activity to gather around, and then you have delicious confections afterwards that you can enjoy with the evening's Christmas movie or as snacks before Christmas dinner. You can also make a little extra out of it and make filled chocolates, which is a more challenging but entertaining Christmas activity. Of course, you can also serve rice salamander, small cakes, ice cream desserts or other delicious things. Christmas is full of tasty food and only the imagination sets the limits.

You can find more inspiration for Christmas cakes and other festive desserts on the Instagram profile @soedmefuld.


Our beautiful wine glasses can be used for wine, drinks and hot drinks, but for our Christmas table we have made a festive cocktail with pomegranate and orange. The colored glass gives a wonderful and fine expression, and it stands beautifully against the pink drink. We have used the recipe from Julie Bruun, who makes the most appetizing recipes and food inspiration for the whole family. The drink is fresh and tart and is well suited to liven up the guests with its tartness. It is made from pomegranate juice, freshly squeezed orange juice and vodka, which is shaken and mixed with sparkling water. Here is Bruun's recipe for cocktail with pomegranate and orange.


1/2 pomegranate

2 oranges

4 cl of vodka

10 ice cubes

3 dl sparkling water

Garnish: orange slices


Take the seeds out of the pomegranate and put them in a blender, blend it well and then strain the mixture to get the liquid back - put it in a shaker.

Squeeze the orange juice out of the oranges and put it in the shaker together with the pomegranate juice, vodka and ice cubes. Shake well.

Divide it into 4 glasses and put a little sparkling water in each. Garnish with orange slices and fresh rosemary.

You can find more recipes on Julie Bruun's blog here , and the recipe for the delicious cocktail here.

Beautiful cakes, characteristic dinnerware and beautiful wine glasses create a sparkling expression, make the table setting inviting and aesthetic, and can do nothing but spread good Christmas atmosphere. Our Christmas cake table can be used as inspiration for your next table setting or cake menu for Christmas events. You can find our entire Tableware collection here.

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