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Watercress is something we all know, probably especially from childhood, when various watercress animals are brought home from the institution. We also love cress, both to cook it, but certainly also to eat it. It is very easy to make, and it only takes a few days before you can decorate your scrambled eggs with the most beautiful watercress.

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Cress seeds, cotton wool or other absorbent material, water and a container that is waterproof. We have chosen to use the bubble standing vase with a large opening , but you could also use one of our hanging bubbles with a large opening and get floating watercress.


  1. Place your cotton ball in your container
  2. Wet the cotton wool with water
  3. Sprinkle a fine layer of cress seeds
  4. Make sure the cotton wool is moist at all times
  5. Wait a few days. You can put your cress seeds in water 12 hours before you sow them. It helps the germination process to start and you will be able to enjoy your green sprinkles faster

TIP - Try sprinkling some seeds in your garden, here the cress will have better growing conditions and will make large leaves, this cress tastes stronger and is good in salads or under an avocado dish.

When the watercress has grown a few centimetres, it can be enjoyed on food and possibly used as a decoration on the table - welcome.

If you want an alternative green sprinkle, you can also make chia cress. Here you just sow the small black chia seeds instead of watercress. It takes a little longer, but has a delicious and slightly milder taste than watercress.

guide to homemade cress

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