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At the end of 2021, the third collection of paper flowers landed on our site and at our dealers. The third collection contains a multitude of new shapes and colours, as well as new bouquets carefully selected and put together by us.



“I love to sit and cut, shape and color the grateful crepe paper or challenge myself to make some of my favorite flowers. There is actually nothing that I enjoy more than making crepe flowers, it would have to be admiring and photographing real flowers and their details.” - Christina

paper flowers_studioabout


For Kristina, this collaboration is a dream come true. She always works creatively, is on top of the latest trends and can't help but create small works of art in her home. That it was precisely her flowers in crepe paper that were to be the starting point for a collaboration and a larger production was not in the cards when she first started cutting and drawing.

"I simply can't understand that my biggest dream has come true, that I can actually call myself a designer. It's actually not something that I've ever talked about out loud, because it was an unattainable dream that I never thought would work for me. And it's just so unreal that I designed them. I never made them with the intention of putting them into production. I just started making them because I didn't could not.” - Christina

Immersion WITH PAPER

“I love to sit and cut, shape and color the grateful crepe paper or challenge myself to make some of my favorite flowers. There is actually nothing that I enjoy more than making crepe flowers, it would have to be admiring and photographing real flowers and their details" - Kristina

Kristina started designing and creating paper flowers almost 3 years ago and she continues to find new ways to use the flowers in her decor. From idea to finished product, there are many processes, but Kristina has not grown tired of this, on the contrary.

“It means so much to me that everyone has welcomed the flowers so well and I have been so inspired to see how you use them. The idea that my flowers create color and joy in your home means more than anything else" - Kristina


The third collection is long awaited. There have been delays due to Corona, but now it is finally in stock. This time we have chosen to re-design some of our older favorites and give them new colours. In addition, Kristina has also designed 4 completely new flowers. It is a completely new lily, a different type of dahlia, a fairytale flower created based on the lightness of pea flowers and the whimsy of bellflowers, as well as a whimsical variant of snowdrop.

"The 3rd collection is probably the one I've been looking forward to coming into stock, because it contains some completely different new flowers as well as some of the favorites from the previous collections in new colors" - Kristina


LILY : The lily comes in two different colours, a light yellow and a rose variant. There is steel wire in the leaves, so you can shape and fold them as you wish. It gives extra life to the large paper flower.

CHRYSANTHEMUM : This fantastic flower lasts a long time in bouquets, and now it can last forever, because we have made 2 beautiful colors: nude and dark orchre.

TINKERBELL : A mix between a bellflower and a pea flower and of course it also comes in two colours, lime green and purple.

SNOWDROP : Maybe a bit of a mix of the classic snowdrop and daffodil, but nice and elegant.


The new flowers do not look like some of the other paper flowers, so they can really give a bouquet a completely new look, but at the same time they are really nice on their own, even in a single vase.

In addition to these 4 new designs, there will also be new variants of your favourites: Grand Dahlia, Ice poppy, Dahlia and Peony - the new collection consists of a total of 12 new designs and 6 new bouquets.

"We have spent a long time together to find the colors for the new collection, and I really think that the result has been good. My favorites are especially the completely royal blue peony, the brownish chrysanthemum - especially the lily in the bright yellow and not least Ice Poppy in brown I am so looking forward to decorating with them.” - Christina

flowers _studio about


"When I think of colors, I actually follow my intuition and make the flowers in the colors that I think suit the flower best" - Kristina

The flowers are created and designed by Kristina, the final products for production are made in close collaboration with Studio About. The colors are adjusted with a focus on ensuring that the flowers can be used for a long time even if the season changes. It is a must that the paper flowers have a long life in design and expression. Neither Kristina nor Studio About are interested in contributing to the "use-throw-away culture", but rather in creating products that can be used again and again, stored away for later or passed on.


Each collection contains calm tone-on-tone colors with individual flowers in contrast, such as the completely dark aubergine-coloured grand dahlia in the 2nd collection and now in the 3rd collection the royal blue peony.

The flowers are intended as an extension of Kristina's own basic ideas for interior design, namely tone-on-tone with a small touch of contrast that gives the home personality and life.

"In our kitchen, which is primarily in black, white and natural colours, I have added a letterbox red dining table chair, that way something happens in the decor, so that it does not become too anonymous. In the same way, the paper flowers can be put together in bouquets with individual flowers in contrasting colours, which gives the bouquet more edge and much more personality. In the picture below you can see the Frameless frame and a single red ice poppy, which makes the whole thing pop a little more" - Kristina


In the picture you see one of our Frameless frames , here combined with an elegant red ice poppy in a ceramic vase.


A collaboration like this, where we hire an external designer to design products, must contain mutual respect, and it is necessary to have a consistent design aesthetic and attitude towards design in general.

"I am so happy that it is Studio About that I am designing the flowers with, because their thoughts on design, sustainability and accessibility fit perfectly with me and my approach. Furthermore, they have 100% trust in me and what I do, they respect me and what I stand for. I also have the deepest respect for Mikkel and Soffy behind Studio About, and I have followed them closely since they started Studio About.” - Christina

“I clearly remember the first time I met Soffy back in 2016 - it almost felt like I had known her forever and I instinctively liked her. We were and still are incredibly in agreement about what good craftsmanship is, style and aesthetics. Although she had only met me once, she invited me to her and Mikkel's cozy apartment in Århus for the most delicious pancakes. Here I was immediately fascinated by Mikkel's beautiful, simple designs. Shortly after, I came across Mikkel through my previous work, where we talked about their idea with Studio About. Mikkel's approach to design and my respect for the two energetic entrepreneurs only grew and now five years later I am so grateful that they chose to take the chance with me and put my flowers into production under their name". - Christina


This collection also contains bouquets, which are put together so that there is something for everyone and with carefully coordinated colors. The bouquets are available from DKK 299 to DKK 699.

Kristina's personal favorite bouquet is of course the largest, as she loves large bouquets and because the color combination of the many flowers is absolutely perfect.

“I really love the idea of ​​ready-made bouquets because I think they make such a great hostess gift. I love fresh flowers, but I hate that the flowers have to "let their life" so that they can stay fresh at my house for about a week.

I now also know several people who cannot stand certain fresh flowers and/or branches, it is also obvious to give a beautiful bouquet of crepe flowers instead.” - Christina

The bouquets can last forever, they can be bought well in advance, so you don't have to rush around looking for a flower shop on the road, they are easy to store away and are allergy-friendly. Bouquets of paper flowers from our hand are not just a bouquet, but a small piece of Danish design.

If you wish to change your bouquet, you can add more paper flowers or dried flowers.

“I could, for example, easily imagine the royal blue lily in several of the bouquets, if you want to create a bouquet with a new expression. You can also use the flowers individually or for a wreath if you think you need a new expression." - Christina




A home of colour, design, new ideas and process - these are words that characterize Kristina's home. It doesn't take very much for Kristina to seize the chance to change things up and adjust herself anew.

"This Christmas, I have of course used paper flowers, I do that in almost all contexts and holidays - anything else would probably also be a bit strange. I originally had an idea to decorate a small Christmas tree exclusively with paper flowers, but I ended up making some "soft ice-like blobs" in which I made holes for the flower stems. I made these because they had to look like soil in which the flowers grew. You could actually also easily do that with ordinary clay, also create a large area with flowers”. - Christina

"My advent wreath was of course also decorated with paper flowers, exactly as it has been for the last three years. I love the colors and flowers this Christmas, it simply makes me happy. Several of my Christmas gifts have also been decorated with a single flower, because I love to make something special out of the wrapping, so that the recipient can see that I have spent time on the gift. That way, the flower becomes a little extra gift.” - Christina

The nice thing about the paper flowers is that they don't wither and become boring. They can be used in countless ways besides the obvious one of standing in a vase. We have made several different DIY's for using the flowers as a hair wreath, a wreath for the wall, as part of a table setting or as a floral backdrop for your next party.

"When Christmas is over I will find a branch outside and decorate it with flowers, it's a quick way to create some volume and change an expression in the decor or for a festive event. It could possibly be hung over the table for New Year's Eve or simply stand in a floor vase." - Christina

It is only the imagination that sets the limits, and if you need a break, you simply pack away the flowers. They are all made of heavy duty paper with a steel wire stem to hold on to it. You can see our entire collection of individual flowers and bouquets here .

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