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Signe Kamper Kankelborg  

Mother of two girls aged 6 and 9, married to Kasper and fully occupied with knitting.  

Educated Cand. Merc in communication and independent communications consultant.  

Owner of the IG profile @plummum.  

Co- founder and owner of @studio_cré  



We have invited Signe to tell us a little about her knitting universe and how she can use our FRAMELESS frames in combination with knitting. Read along and get a little insight into the world of knitting and creativity with Signe @plummun.  



The whole idea of ​​rethinking knitwear is in line with the thinking behind the FRAMELESS collection from Studio About . The FRAMELESS collection is a re- take on the classic clip-on frame. We have therefore asked Signe, who is behind the knitting profile @plummun, if she would give her take on how the transparent frames can be used in a different and creative way.  

At the time of writing, Signe is working on a DIY for a piece of knitted art that you can put in your FRAMELESS frame . Read along here in the article and be inspired to find the knitting needles. Knitwear is more than just clothing, it is a statement and an inexhaustible world of colors and combinations.  



When Signe and Kasper had small children, they decided that Signe should start working independently, as it was more compatible with the life of young children. "Just a year and a half" they agreed, but it didn't turn out that way, and today Signe works full-time with her own company, which i.a. contains a professional knitting profile @plummum and her new project @Studio-cre, which she founded with two other creative women.  


In the beginning @plummum was just a private profile with all the good things from everyday life as a mother, today it has existed for 8 years. Signe clearly remembers the day she decided to saddle up and make her profile more professional. It has now been 3 years, and the profile has gained almost 40 thousand followers.  


4 fast to Signe  

  • When did you start knitting? I started knitting just before the birth of my youngest daughter. So it's been about 6 years now. I actually knitted my first hat while I had pickings.  
  • How many hours do you knit daily? I knit as soon as the girls are tucked in. Right now we are renovating our house, and that takes time away from knitting, but otherwise I knit as soon as I can and where I can. It's always on the go. After all, knitting is half of my working life, but also my passion.  
  • Are you completely addicted to the sticks and creating with your hands? The short answer is yes. I almost can't sit on the sofa without knitting.
    Knitting is my obsession, I just need 10 min. available, then I'll find the sticks. At first I thought it was an elite discipline, but everyone can knit.  
  • Knit for different moods?  
    I always have several projects going: a stockinette piece that can be knitted while socializing or watching TV and something more complicated when there is time for reflection.  



In the last several years, knitwear has again become a large part of the fashion picture , and during corona it has exploded. Everyone can knit and the whole idea of ​​slow fashion fits well with the knitting universe. With all the different new knitting designs, there has been a revolution in pattern writing, and it has become a must to create easy-to-understand patterns. 

The inspiration for the various knitting designs and recipes often comes from everyday life and the street scene. " It can be a color or a shape that inspires me to create my own design ," says Signe. The adrenaline rush, when the idea suddenly occurs in the middle of the night, and she just has to get up and jot down the ideas, is a wild feeling.  


CAPTION: Creating a recipe from scratch is a slow, demanding but exciting process. Signe has a permanent team of knitters and test knitters.  



You have to knit because you are motivated, it's no use knitting a cloth if you really want to get started on a sweater.

  • Start with something you want to use.  
  • Invest in some good equipment from the start - don't use grandma's old equipment.  
  • Don't start with too small needles or too big needles - a good starting needle is around 4-4 ½.  
  • Remember your knitting samples and wash them.  


Once you have found a recipe that matches your wishes and is not too difficult, then it is just a matter of getting started. Remember to read the entire recipe before starting. It gives a good feel for the work process.  

Signe is one of many "new" knitwear designers who all have in common to create easy-to-read recipes that reflect the fashion image, and make knitting something that everyone can throw themselves into.  

If you need help with various techniques, posting etc. - then there are also a lot of videos on YouTube . Among other things, you can follow @Kimmie_munkholm, who has made videos for most knitting processes in the finest and educational way.  



A knitting test is inevitable before a project can begin. Here you find out how the yarn behaves and here the entire fit and expression is determined. Signe has chosen to exhibit some of her own knitting samples in the xxxxxx frame, that way it gets new life and gives a different look to your interior.  

A knitting test can sound really boring - but conversely if you don't do it, and if you don't wash it off, all your work can be wasted.  

Here you can see some of Signe's knitting samples in her home.  


If you've wanted to become more creative yourself and explore the knitting universe, Signe's new profile @studio_cré is a good place to start. Signe is co-founder and owner of Studio_cré – and it is this company and Plummum that she is betting on. The creative agency also consists of two other talented women @Millefryd_knitwear and @theavaskavulla - together they have created a content marketing agency with a focus on the creative.  



Follow along here on the page where we will soon share Signe's DIY on a small piece of knitted art.  

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