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Winter can feel long and dark, but one way to shorten it is to bring bulb plants inside. There has long been a tradition of bringing hyacinth bulbs indoors and pushing the flowers forward and enjoying the scent when it bursts forth.


If you want to bring the beautiful flower bulbs inside, the favorite is the classic hyacinth bulb, which will bloom quickly at room temperature. However, there are many different flower bulbs, so try your hand at different varieties, here is our mini guide for using our vases together with spring bulbs.


  1. Take the bulb out of the ground and free the roots from the worst soil.
  2. Rinse the roots in water so that the soil remains come off.
  3. Place the onion in a vase so that only the roots are covered by water.
  4. The onion itself must not be left in water, as it will then rot.
  5. Change water occasionally

If you want to speed up the flower process itself, you can make a paper peddler's house and put it over the greenery. The lifespan in water depends on the temperature inside and how far into flowering the onion is, but if you buy it with a bud, they can easily last 7 days in the room.

What they all have in common is that after flowering you can bury the flower bulb outside and hope they will come up next spring.


Place the pot in a cool place, a warm location will shorten the life of the bulb.

Water when the soil dries out, but be careful not to overwater the bulb, as the bulbs will then rot. Difficult to say how often an onion should be watered, as it depends on the temperature inside.

You don't have to fertilize your flower bulbs, they have plenty of nutrition in the bulb itself.


It is obvious to use your vases from Studio About to propel hyacinths and other spring bulbs. The beautiful roots at the bottom of the bulb are exciting to look at and through the stained glass for those lives. Watch the video in the article about how we prepare the onion for a glass vase.

The scent of hyacinths is very distinctive, put it out in your bathroom and enjoy the scent when you come out of a relaxing bath. The beautiful plant thrives well on a cold windowsill without direct sunlight.



Common to all onion plants is that they thrive best outside in the cold. However, they are so beautiful inside that the short period they bloom is totally worth it. When the onion has flowered, it can be put out on the balcony in a pot or in the garden, where it will sprout again next spring.

When you choose to expose the bulb to soil, you must be aware that this shortens the plant's lifespan.


Here is an overview of which onion plants we enjoy inside:

Tulips, Tulipa : Depending on the species, they bloom from March to May outdoors, but already at the end of December and beginning of January, you can buy budding bulbs from the florists and enjoy the sight either inside or in a pot outside. Indoor tulip bulbs can be enjoyed with or without soil. Also put your tulip bulb in a vase where the water covers the roots and admire the bulb's beautiful shape.

Hyacinth, Hyacinthus orientalis : The majestic and strongly scented bulbous plant, can be bought in all supermarkets from mid-October to March in several colours. The hyacinth bulb is large and if you buy with a flower bud, you will already be able to enjoy the sight of the beautiful flower and fragrance after a few days. Indoor hyacinths can be enjoyed with or without soil.

Pearl hyacinths, Muscari : Small, blue and with pearls like on a string. Pearl hyacinths can usually be bought in supermarkets from January to early March. Thrives best in soil.

Erantis, Eranthis hyemalis : Our beloved Danish harbinger of spring that you see everywhere in the Danish gardens, the start of spring. Erantis thrives best outside in the cold air, but you can easily dig up a little and enjoy it inside if you don't have a garden yourself. Erantis can be purchased from January to February. Thrives best in soil.

Crocus, Crocus: Depending on the species, they bloom from February to April. Crocus can be bought in supermarkets from January to February. The onion plant looks like a small tuft of grass, it can be successfully taken into a small pot where you can follow its development.

Vibe's egg, fritillaria: This bulbous plant has flowers like the viper's egg. They don't last long, but they are definitely worth trying anyway. Vibe eggs can be bought in the shops from January to the beginning of March. Vibe eggs keep best in soil, but you can also expose the bulb and leave the roots in water.

Daffodil, Narcissus : The ultimate spring flower that is characteristic of the coming of Easter. Daffodils are available in an incredible number of varieties and are easy to keep. They can be bought from January to the end of April.

Here you can see how we use the bulbs indoors in our Flower Tubes and Standing Plant Bubbles .

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