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The FLEX lamp is an innovative lamp that invites artistic expression. The lamp has a movable design, so you can shape and bend the lamp and create creative patterns. The lamp is decorative, innovative and modern, and gives an organic expression with its soft curves. It is therefore the perfect lighting for an experimental and aesthetic lifestyle. The lamp has a minimalist design and an organic movement, and is therefore the ultimate fusion between the aesthetic and the functional. It has a modern and minimalist look, but with the bendable design it transforms into a unique and personal work of art. The lamp not only provides a nice light, but also creates life and movement in the room. It is practical and functional as it can be used in many ways. You can be creative and use it as a unique wall lamp by hanging it in the supplied hangers or you can drape it over objects as a light sculpture or installation.

The FLEX lamp is made of silicone LED fluorescent tubes, which reproduce high-quality colors and are better for the environment, as they have a longer lifespan. With the FLEX lamp, you can therefore add luxury and quality to your home.

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