Bouquet Tubes

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BOUQUET TUBE is a glass vase that explores the three-dimensional expression. The vase consists of three parts: the vase itself in the form of a tube, which rests on a supporting base, and an outer cylinder, which creates the third dimension. All the parts are colored through in each color, so that you can see the different colored glass layers, which creates beautiful play of colors and depth. The transparent glass means that the colors blend beautifully together and give a mild and pleasant look. The vase's many layers create a sculptural eye-catcher, which makes it decorative even without flowers, so you can always have it standing in front of you. The three-part design plays with both tight and organic shapes and colors, and challenges the traditional, simple vase. The glass vase is stylish and modern in its expression, making it perfect for any home. The BOQUET TUBE vase can be used with bouquets in muted colors that harmonize with the color combination of the glass vase or it can create an artistic eye-catcher with large flowers in strong colors that contrast with the vase. The three-dimensional vase is made of colored borosilicate glass, which gives you an eternally beautiful and durable vase, and was designed by architect Mikkel Lang Mikkelsen.

BOUQUET TUBE is perfect for creating an eye-catcher, both with or without flowers. The vase's many layers create a sculptural and artistic aesthetic that will look good on a shelf or bookcase. It is also possible to combine BOUQUET TUBE with other colorful vases from Studio About, which will create a unique and personal expression in your home. All in all, the BOUQUET TUBE is a stylish and modern vase that, with its colorful and sculptural expression, will add an aesthetic expression to your home.

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