Bubble Tubes

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The sculptural Bubble Tube vase is a beautiful addition to our range of colored glass vases. The glass vase consists of a colored bubble and a cylindrical foot in colored glass, which gives the vase a light and floating appearance. The vase is designed to hold a larger bouquet and invites you to bring seasonal flowers inside.

The vase is available in 6 different color combinations and is an exciting interpretation of the classic glass vase. The fusion of the organic, the elegant and the playful makes the glass vase timeless and decorative in itself. However, it is most beautiful when it is used for your favorite bouquets or seasonal flowers or branches, and when the water in the colored glass is reflected in the sun's rays. The glass vases look beautiful with a large bouquet of self-picked ditch edge flowers or freshly purchased flowers from the market. If you want a more sustainable and durable bouquet, you can style the bubble vases with our handmade paper flowers, which gives a personal and creative expression. The color play of the vases also means that they can elegantly stand alone as a decorative part of the home's decor. The organic design of the bubble vases gives a stylish elegance and the bubble-shaped body gives a modern and playful look, while at the same time appearing elegant and light, as it floats on the transparent colored glass base. The vase was designed by architect Mikkel Lang Mikkelsen and produced in colored borosilicate glass, which can withstand large temperature fluctuations and is also scratch-resistant. The vase will therefore retain its beautiful clear color and look good over time.

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