CLAYWARE is the ceramic set from the TABLEWARE collection, and consists of ceramic plates, ceramic mugs and ceramic bowls. The frame is two-coloured and this creates a delicious and playful expression. The ceramic frame consists of two types of glazing: a full glazing, so that the ceramic in the light clay retains its delicate color, and a partial glazing, so that the inside of the frame is glazed and the raw clay is preserved on the outside.

The contrast between the glossy glaze and the raw clay gives the frame a naked but luxurious look, while the full glazing gives a clean and delicate expression. The ceramic frame comes in several different colors.

The many colors in TABLEWARE mean that you can combine the colors for your very own personal color game. You can create a chic and minimalist look by keeping your table setting in the same shades or create an exciting and brightly colored table by mixing several colours. You can style the ceramics with colored glass to create variety in the table setting. The series can be combined across colors and stoneware, as they are designed and colored to complement each other.

Ceramics is a classic material for tableware and will always give a lovely feeling of luxury and exclusive craftsmanship. With the ceramic frame's simple design and beautiful colors, it will be a decorative and timeless "stack" in your personal collection.

All parts come in a set of 2. You can use the ceramic mugs for coffee, tea or other delicious drinks. The bowls are a nice size, perfect for breakfast, snacks or desserts. You can also be creative and use them for storage for, for example, jewellery. The plates can be used for meals such as lunch, dinner, snacks or for beautiful cakes. You can also use the plates as part of the decor and, for example, put rings and earrings on them. You can also place paper flowers on the plates, for example wrapped around a napkin as a napkin ring, to make your table setting even more festive.

The ceramic frame is designed by Mikkel Lang Mikkelsen and made of natural clay.

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