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GLASSWARE is part of our TABLEWARE collection, and a beautiful addition to your table setting. The series consists of wine and water glasses in several beautiful colors that make it possible to create your very own personal color game.

Both types of drinking glasses have a smooth surface, of which the water glasses have a narrowed foot, and the wine glasses have a delicate, thin stem that makes them elegant and feminine. Together, they create a luxurious and expressive aesthetic for your home, and are therefore perfect for giving your everyday life a festive and colorful touch. The glasses are beautiful in the sun's rays, where the glass will cast colorful shadows. You can use the glasses for both hot and cold drinks, drinks such as lemonade or sparkling water, but you can also use them to serve desserts in. You can put berries or lemon slices on the edge, which will stand out beautifully against the colored glass, and make the glasses even more festive to look at.

The glasses will decorate any table and make your table setting festive and decorative to look at. Colored drinking glasses are popular, but the elegant and stylish design makes the glasses timeless, so that they will always fit into your decor. This means that you can style the glasses with whatever you want. The colored glass gives a feminine expression on its own, but is also nice with a vintage tableware from recycling or ceramic plates to create a raw and retro contrast.

The glasses are designed by Mikkel Lang Mikkelsen and handmade in dyed borosilicate glass, which is scratch-resistant glass that can withstand large temperature fluctuations.

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