Hanging Bubbles


The Hanging Flower Bubble and Hanging Plant Bubble collection are two series of beautiful and unique handmade vases in borosilicate glass, designed by architect Mikkel Lang Mikkelsen. Both series of vases are ideal for bringing nature inside and creating a decorative and beautiful effect in any room. They can be used alone or together to create a personal and unique interior.

The Hanging Flower Bubble collection has a diameter of 11 cm and an opening of 2 cm, and is ideal for displaying a single or two flowers, either fresh or dried. The series consists of several colors and sizes, and the transparent glass vase gives a special effect when the light falls on it. The vase can be hung in the window, on a hook in the frame, or as part of a group of vases to create a hanging still life. The Hanging Plant Bubble collection is the largest of the two series and offers the opportunity to create a beautiful and creative plant arrangement. The vase's large opening gives space to play with different plants and is, for example, perfect for air plants, succulents or other larger plants. The glass vase has a beautiful organic shape and is simple and classic, making it versatile and easy to integrate into any interior style. Both collections include round glass vases which can be hung with the included leather string and are perfect for creating an elegant and decorative look in any room.

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