Cups - ceramics

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STUDIO ABOUT has expanded their range with a new collection called TABLEWARE, which consists of two different collections: CLAYWARE and GLASSWARE. One of the new products is this beautiful ceramic cup, which is perfect for a cup of coffee or tea.

The cup is part of a larger series of ceramics that includes dinner plates, lunch plates and bowls, which can be combined across colors and materials, and are designed to compliment each other. The ceramic cup has a small foot, which gives the design a light and airy look, and which makes it easy to stack them. The ceramic cups will give your table setting a "pop of colour" and are perfect for a festive occasion or to create a cozy atmosphere. Besides being beautiful and stylish, these ceramic cups are also practical and easy to stack. They are perfect for creating a unique table setting, and can be combined with the other products in the TABLEWARE collection. With this ceramic cup, you can add a raw and elegant look to your home and create a cozy atmosphere.

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