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The paper flowers, with their simple but expressive design, are the perfect complement to Studio About's beautiful glass vase universe. Our paper flowers are a more sustainable alternative to cut flowers, and stay beautiful year after year.

The paper artist Kristina Sørensen from Labdecor has in collaboration with Studio About designed 4 collections of paper flowers inspired by nature. The flowers are available in 45 different varieties in many different colours. The inspiration comes from flowers, branches and grasses such as dahlia, daisy, poppy, clematis, lily, pampas and peony. The paper flowers are produced in crepe paper and are beautiful individually or in a bouquet, as wreaths or around your napkin. The flower heads are made of dyed crepe paper, which sits on a covered steel wire stem. The stem is flexible and therefore the flowers have endless possibilities of use. The paper flower lasts all year round and can easily be stored away in our elegant packaging.


The use of flowers and greenery in the home is at its peak and it creates coziness in the interior. You can use your paper flowers in both tall and low vases, and they look beautiful in both our Flower Tube and Standing Bubble vases. Also use them together with fresh flowers, but remember to protect the paper stems from water. The crepe flowers are also beautiful in a breast bouquet for the wedding, as a table decoration, placed on a fine hair clip or in a wreath on the wall. They are also the perfect gift for someone you care about. The only limit to what you can use your paper flowers for is your imagination. 

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