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Studio About proudly presents their concept "GRAB AND GO", which contains 10 different eternity bouquets with beautiful handmade paper flowers. Perpetual bouquets are practical and decorative all year round, and with these paper flowers you can create different creative expressions by shaping the leaves and bending the stem of each flower. They are also a sustainable alternative to cut flowers. The bouquets consist of a mix of different paper flowers from Studio About's 1st and 2nd collections, including African lilies, peonies, palm leaves, poppies and dahlias in a variety of colours. They are also easy to style in the vases from Studio About.

The paper flowers are made in collaboration with Labdecor and are inspired by the Danish nature with 45 different models in a range of colours. They are beautiful individually or in a bouquet and can be used in decorations for weddings, as table decorations, on a nice hair clip or in a wreath on the wall. The flower heads are made of dyed crepe paper and sit on a flexible steel wire stem, so they can be shaped as desired. They are beautiful year after year and a perfect gift for someone you care about. In the packaging, they are elegantly and stylishly packed, and are therefore also a beautiful gift idea for someone you love. Discover the 10 eternity bouquets from Studio About and create your own personal style with the beautiful handmade paper flowers.

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