Serving - ceramics

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Studio About has a nice selection of dishes and bowls that are both practical and decorative for use in the kitchen and in interior design.

Our CLAYWARE range includes serving platters and bowls in various sizes and colors and is made of ceramic. Our light ceramics are fully glazed so that they retain their delicate color and thus remain beautiful forever, while our dark ceramics are partially glazed so that the outside appears raw and gives a tactile feeling in the hands, while the inside is glazed in a beautiful color. They can be used to serve everything from salads and hot dishes to snacks and fruit. Our bowls and dishes are decorative, so they can also be used for storing jewelery or as artistic elements in the home. Our ceramic bowls and dishes have a stylish and minimalist design with unique color combinations, which make them suitable for display on a table or shelf. Our ceramic bowls have a high rim that can be used for larger dishes and salads, while our ceramic serving dishes have a low rim that can be used for serving cakes and beautiful side dishes. All our dishes and bowls are easy to clean and can be used in the dishwasher, microwave and freezer. They are also approved for food, including acid-based foods.

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