Bowls & dishes - ceramics


Our bowls and serving platters in our CLAYWARE range are the perfect addition to your dinnerware and create an impressive eye-catcher. They come in different sizes, which create depth and contrasts in the table setting.

The bowls in the dark colors are partially glazed, so that the terracotta is raw, while the inside is glazed. This creates a tactile and luxurious feeling when using the bowl. The bowls in the bright colors are fully glazed to preserve their delicate colors. The bowls come in a set of two. and is the perfect addition to your bowl collection or as a housewarming gift. The bowls are also perfect for your daily breakfast, fruit, desserts, snacks or sweets.

Our SERVING DISH serving dishes have a low edge, which makes them perfect for serving snacks, salads and the like. The unique color combinations give a colorful twist to the home and can be used in a still life on the dining table or as storage for jewellery. Our serving bowls SERVING BOWLS, on the other hand, have a high rim and are perfect for serving salads and other larger dishes. The color combinations create a natural and rustic look.

All our ceramic bowls can be easily cleaned with soap and water and are dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe. However, they are not suitable for the oven. Our ceramics are approved for food, including acid-based foods.

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