Spare parts

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Bubble Stand is the cylindrical foot for the Bubble Tube vase and is an easy way to change the look of your vase. With the cylinder-shaped foot, you can create a beautiful and varied look in your decor, as it can be easily replaced, so you can personalize your Bubble Tube vase and renew your decor. Our Bubble Stand is an additional purchase if you want to change the colors according to needs or if you should have lost the original condition.

Our Bubble Stand can be used as a supplementary part for your Bubble Tube vase: it is an easy way to give it new life or you can use the Bubble Stand as a spare part so that your vase can always be in use. The base is made of the same colored borosilicate glass as the vases and is available in different colours, so you can change the color combination of your Bubble Tube and adapt it to your home. The cylindrical foot is designed to fit the vase perfectly and adds a beautiful shape to the whole construction. The base is designed in transparent, colored glass, which reflects the light in the most beautiful way.

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