It is our fundamental goal to create inspiring designs that are uncompromising in materials, quality and design. Details, materials and style come together in a higher unity and we strive to create timeless design.

Studio About's objects are created based on the hope that the finished product is a design that you want to have standing for generations. The design must have a long aesthetic and expressive life.


The design of our objects is simple, easy to disassemble and thus reuse again after use.

When the product is designed, the packaging is designed so that it can be compressed as much as possible and takes up as little space as possible.

The packaging is FSC/RESY certified and can be easily reused for other purposes. We only work with certified manufacturers.


We would like to inspire both consumers and companies to focus on the environment through more long-lasting and quality-conscious purchases. We want to create durability and quality at a reasonable price.

In the attempt to achieve a responsible approach to design, we will continuously enter into various collaborations that also care for the environment like us. The first collaboration we have entered into is with Forest Nation, through this collaboration we compensate for the footprint we leave with our production.

You can read more about Forest Nation here.