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Branch Grande is inspired by Oxalis vulcanicola – red sorrel, which can be recognized by the beautiful red-violet small leaves. Branch Grande is a completely new type of paper flower in the 4th collection from the collaboration between from Studio About and the artist Kristina from Labdecor.

Branch Grande is made from solid colored crepe paper, with leaves mounted on a long, bendable stem in the same color shade as the crepe paper. You can easily shape the branch, so you can get the shape and length you want. Both ends are decorated with clover-like leaves/flowers, so it can also easily be used as a decoration on the dining table or similar.


The idea with the branch is that it should be able to be used for several different creative things in connection with styling. It can be used as "classic" flowers in a bouquet by folding it in half, thus creating life and fullness in a bouquet. It can also be folded at the ends and used as a wreath, or hung on the wall as a decorative feature.

Your branch can be used individually or combined with other flowers - both real and paper flowers - for bouquets. You can use branches in the same way as you would use natural branches, where these can simply be easily twisted around objects, cords, poles, lamps, if it is not going to be in a vase.

The muted yellow color of this version of Branch Grande makes it easy to use in several situations where you want to decorate with a slightly larger paper flower. Like all other paper flowers, Branch Grande can also be used in a bouquet, where it e.g. can be folded in half so that it appears as two flowers, where with its length it can stick out a little from the bouquet and thereby give some height to the bouquet.


In addition to the decorative properties of the branches, they are also both versatile and long-lasting. Finally, do not refrain from experimenting with your paper flowers, as they can be twisted around objects and thus easily used for wreaths, table settings or as an element for dressing up or simply as hair ornaments. Otherwise, we have collected some inspiration for you who would like to use the paper flowers in different ways. If the urge for renewal arises, the flowers can be reused in new creative projects.

Here are just a few of the many ideas:

1. Make the table decoration a little extra and place a branch along the table and let its expression stand alone or around stakes.

2. Mix your branch with paper flowers or with fresh flowers (remember to protect the paper stem from water).

3. Mix it with other dried flowers for a lighter zing.

4. Jam jar with string of lights in it? Place a branch in the glass and let the branch's colors light up.

5. Decorate birthday/girlfriend/just-because gifts with a branch.

6. Twist the branch around other branches in a vase to give a slightly more anonymous branch a little more colour.

7. Make candle cuffs like in the 90s to decorate your candle or our oil candles with.

The paper branches fit in both small and large vases, as the stem can be bent and shaped - use it in a small Standing Bubble or in the tall cylinder vase Flower Tube .


Your fine paper flowers are delivered carefully packed in a small protective cardboard tube. You decide the expression of your flowers yourself, e.g. whether it should be completely sprouted or in bud - it is entirely up to you how it should appear.

Unfold your flower by following these three steps:

  1. Carefully grasp the flower head down in the box and pull it out.
  2. Spread out the petals of the flower - depending on the expression you are going for.
  3. To create more volume, you can gently drag your thumb in the middle of a petal, this way they will be more curved.


COLOR: Yellow



WEIGHT: Incl. packaging 0.060KG

The flower comes in a neat tube and can therefore be easily stored and transported without it breaking.

All paper flowers are made in collaboration between Labdecor and Studio About.

Kollektion: AW20
Diameter: Ø320 cm
Materiale: PAPER

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