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Ice Poppy a further development of the classic model in our 4th collection of paper flowers. Ice Poppy is, as the name suggests, inspired by the beautiful pink poppy. The flower is available in a wider range of colours.

The Ice Poppy flower is made of dyed crepe paper and mounted on a long, bendable green stem. You can easily shape the stem, so you can get the shape and length you want.


This blue color has been carefully selected to be easily combined with all our other flowers. But the sharp blue that this variant offers can easily stand on its own - e.g. on the dining table, where the yellow center can easily brighten up the brown wood colors - even the completely dark ones, but teak wood with its reddish tint can easily make the blue color pop as well. In addition, the flower can also be combined with more colorful elements and other flowers to balance the colors.

So you can use the Ice Poppy individually or combine it with other flowers - both real and other paper flowers - for bouquets. If you combine your paper flowers with ordinary flowers, you must remember to protect your flower if it stands in water. In addition, due to the malleable properties of the stem, there are a host of other creative possibilities for decorating with the paper flowers.


In addition to the decorative properties of paper flowers, they are also both versatile and long-lasting. Finally, do not refrain from experimenting with your paper flowers, as they can be twisted around objects and thus easily used for wreaths, table settings or as an element for dressing up or simply as hair ornaments. Otherwise, we have collected some inspiration for you who would like to use the paper flowers in different ways. If the urge for renewal arises, the flowers can be reused in new creative projects.

Here are just a few of the many ideas:

1. Make the table decorations a little extra and twist paper flowers around the napkins.

2. Mix your paper flowers with fresh flowers (remember to protect the paper stem from water).

3. Mix it with other dried flowers for a lighter zing.

4. Give a gift that the hostess remembers and give a stem or two.

5. Decorate birthday/girlfriend/just-because gifts with a paper flower.

6. Twist the flowers around branches in a vase to give individual flowers more volume.

7. Make candle cuffs like in the 90s to decorate your candle or our oil candles.

The paper flowers fit in both small and large vases, as the stem can be bent and shaped - bend the stem a few times and use it in a small Standing Bubble or leave it in all its splendor in the tall cylinder vase Flower Tube .


Your fine paper flowers are delivered carefully packed in a small protective cardboard tube. You decide the look of your flower yourself, e.g. whether it should be completely sprouted or in bud - it is entirely up to you how it should appear.

Unfold your flower by following these three steps:

  1. Carefully grasp the head of the flower at the bottom of the box and pull it out.
  2. Spread out the petals of the flower - depending on the expression you are going for.
  3. To create more volume, you can gently drag your thumb in the middle of a petal, this way they will be more curved.





WEIGHT: Incl. packaging 0.060KG

The flower comes in a neat tube and can therefore be easily stored and transported without it breaking.

The paper flowers are made in collaboration between Labdecor and Studio About.

Kollektion: AW20
Diameter: Ø130 cm
Materiale: PAPER
Farve: BLUE

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