Candle holder

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The LINK candlestick is a modern and stylish candlestick that is a perfect combination of the industrial, functional and elegant. The candlestick is designed to link several sticks together, which allows the light to be spread over the table or built up in several levels. The racks are easily clicked together, and there is freedom to create your own rack by collecting several packages and combining different metals.

The LINK candlestick is made of aluminum and measures 110 x 40 mm, which makes it suitable for use on the dining table or as a decorative element in the table setting on special occasions. The stem's low height also makes it perfect for tall slim lights that look elegant on any table. The candlestick can be used with a classic crown candle or with colored candles, which give a decorative and colorful look. The stand is also available in matt gold, black and matt silver, and you can style the metal candlesticks with wood and textiles, which give both warmth and personality. The candlestick is easy to assemble, and the package contains 3 LINKS modules that provide space for 4 candles. The LINK candlestick is a Danish design and was designed by architect Mikkel Lang Mikkelsen. The series of LINK candlesticks is a modern interpretation of the multi-armed candelabra candlestick, and with the simple and sculptural shape of the candlesticks, they are also decorative in themselves without light. Overall, the LINK candlestick is a classic and stylish candlestick that can fit into most homes and interiors. It is easy to assemble, and with the option to build up in height or mix with other colours, you can create a personal stand that suits your individual taste and style.

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